SAPMA/SAPITI New Home Office

We wish to advise, our NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER IS: 011-6151195 Kindly update your address book.

Address is; No. 16 Nicol Road, Cnr Arbroath Street, Bedfordview, Johannesburg. Entrance from Arbroath Street

Future for paint and coatings sector is promising

In line with the changing face of Africa’s growing paint and coatings industries, Coatings for Africa 2015 symposium and expo, taking place 11 – 13 May 2015 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, sets out to drive innovation and education in the paint and coatings industry across the continent.  The African coatings industry remains crucial to support the continents’ ever growing development requirements. The future for the paint and coatings sector looks particularly promising, given the strong economic outlook, long-term demographic growth and rising urbanisation across sub-Saharan Africa. Recognising opportunities in South...
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For anybody who is not familiar with a jet engine, a jet fan blade should be perfectly smooth.
A pilot for a Chinese carrier requested permission and landed at  FRA ( Frankfurt , Germany ) for an unscheduled refuelling stop.

The reason became soon apparent to the ground crew:

The Number 3 engine had been shutdown previously because of excessive vibration, and because it didn’t look...
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Close The Coatings Technology Gap

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”

~Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

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Student of the Year - 2013/2014

Petros Mahlangu

“Now that I’m a qualified paint chemist, I can never explain how confident, proud and believe that I have reached my destination. All that stayed in my mind was when Mr Deryck Spence said “education was the only weapon one can use to fight the world…”
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  • Arkolac – Mauritius
  • Darachem (Flash Harry
  • Duraline – liquidated
  • Karoo Coat – liquidated
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  • Huntsman Tioxide SA
  • Faith Projects – liquidated
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  • Coalition Trading 1202 c.c. T/a MCU Coatings under suspension due to non-payment.
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